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Dustin in coil corset - Issue #19

The printed version of BODY PLAY magazine was published from 1992 to 1999. It was my joy and pleasure to be able to create each new issue during this seven year period. It's nineteen issues have become a treasure trove of rare information and subject matter. They are now collectors items. However, it became increasingly difficult to continue publication. Subscriptions never exceeded 500 and distributors of alternative publications like BODY PLAY kept going bankrupt. Large retailers of magazines and books refused to handle a magazine like BODY PLAY. Between 1998 and 1999 some 1800 alternative publications were forced out of business by changing cultural and economic forces. BODY PLAY was one of them.

We considered going online with the magazine in 1999. Again, cultural and economic forces conspired against us.

The subject matter of BODY PLAY did not fit the mold of adult pay-to-see web sites. Internet users did not seem willing to pay for such a slender but content-rich and specialized web site. So in 2000, I decided to keep this web site open but free. In addition to offering a dwindling supply of printed back issues, new videos and rare mail order items, we will be adding personalized articles and photo stories on an occasional basis. Watch for our first internet photo articles on Branding and Cupping which will appear on these pages soon.

Your friend in body exploration, Fakir Musafar

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